Volos, one of the largest Greek cities and one of the most important ports in the country, is located in the center of Greece (320 km north of Athens and 219 km south of Thessaloniki). The beautiful city is connected with the famous Argonautic Campaign, one of the most important epics of the Greek mythological cycle.

The sea creates a wonderful coastal front with picturesque shops, among them the famous tsipourodika, where you will enjoy the traditional tsipouro and special seafood mezedes. The pedestrian coastal Argonauts Avenue and the passenger port at its western edge, with breathtaking views of the open sea, are the most popular meeting points and walks for residents and visitors of the city.


Routes & Sightseeing

The sights of Volos are so many, you will need all your strengths for a complete tour. If walking is tiring, do not worry at all. With an extensive network of 10 km cycling tracks and thousands of bikes moving quietly and ecologically, your "work" will become more enjoyable and definitely more relaxing!

The streets of Iasonos, Dimitriados and Ermou along with the vertical streets (many of which are pedestrianized) form the "heart" of Volos, where most of the commercial movement and nightlife is concentrated, with the students of the University of Thessaly living cell of the city.

It is still worth visiting:

  • The pedestrianized Argonauts Avenue, in which the "Argo" (in the harbor), the work of sculptor Nikola and the "trademark" of the city, as well as the modern Argos (constructed according to the image of the ancient), distinguish a great shipbuilding achievement , which fills with excitement the story makers.
  • The beautiful Papastratos building (1926) with its own architecture, which today hosts services and faculties of the University of Thessaly.
  • Riga Feraiou square - the largest in the city - with the impressive City Hall and the building of the Municipal Theater with the largest Balkan scene.
  • The large park of Agios Konstantinos with the church of the same name (the work of the important architect Zachos No. 1936) and Anavros park with the outdoor sculpture.
  • Achillio Cinema Theater (1925), designed by architect K. Argyris.
  • Church of Agios Nikolaos

The metropolitan church of the city, the first of the three churches designed by Ar. Zachos in Volos was completed in 1934. In its courtyard is preserved the old bell-tower, the work of the Italian sculptor Previsan of 1884.

  • Athanasakio Archaeological Museum

It is one of the oldest museums in the country, built in 1909. The Neolithic finds from Sesklo and Dimini, sculptures of the classical period and Alexandrine reliefs from ancient city  Demetrias stand out.

  • Kitsos Makris Folkloric Center

It is housed in the folklore house and belongs to the University of Thessaly. The collection of the important researcher contains treasures of our folk tradition.

  • Chrysostal Art Gallery Zoya

The red house, known to the residents as the "roses house", functions as a museum-gallery of painter Chrysoula Zogia. It is worth seeing for its special atmosphere.

  • Entomological Museum

Unique in its kind in Greece is the museum made by agronomist Athanasios Koutroupas with more than 80,000 insects.

  • Art Center Giorgio De Chirico

It houses the collection of Volioti tobacco producer Alekos Damtsa, with works by Greek artists.

  • Volos train station

The building was built in 1884 by Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico (father of the famous painter Giorgio, born in Volos in 1888). Its form remains virtually unchanged in time and the museum's floor with a rare material from the history of the railways in the area is on the upper  floor.

  • Tsalapatas Mulhouse

It is worth a pass from here to admire a unique example of industrial architecture in Greece, the former steam-bricklayer-house Tsalapatas in the Palea district. It features a brickworks museum, restaurants, music scene, bars and more.

  • Goritsa Hill

A natural small hill about 200 meters above sea level, with panoramic views. On top of it is the church of Zoodochos Pigi. Its position was exploited by the Macedonians from the 4th century BC. century, on Philip II, and built and fortified here a town of 3,000-3,500 inhabitants. In the foothills, inside a cave, is built the Virgin Mary Trita Goritsa (Nativity of the Virgin), one of the most picturesque churches in the city.

  • The "Palia" district, the historic center of Volos in the western sector of Volos - is estimated to be inhabited constantly from 3,000 BC, and according to one version it is identical to the ancient Iolkos - to admire the Roman baths, the ruins the castle (6th century AD), the Ottoman pyrite (1600), Agion Theodoron Square and the former Tsalapatas factory (1925), which today houses the Museum of Skeleton

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